A lifestyle business is a business set up and run by its founders primarily with the aim of sustaining a particular level of income and no more; or to provide a foundation from which to enjoy a particular lifestyle.

Photo by Elizeu Dias on Unsplash

Back in the days when I had a startup, I met a very cool guy; his name was Gareth. We clicked almost immediately! Our values were similar, and we were both looking for the same thing in life: freedom!

Following the British tradition, Gareth wanted to celebrate our new friendship…

It’s not about money, degrees don’t matter, and more…

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Congratulations! You have raised capital.

Maybe you have even found a technical co-founder. It’s the beginning of a new adventure. You are thinking about hiring a technical team that will help build your idea.

I was in that position a couple of years ago. Back then, I thought that firing…

Vladimir Agaev

I optimise my life for freedom. https://twitter.com/vladimir_agaev

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